Yuramayo Processing Plant

In 2012 Gold Horizons Mining Co.Ltd (GHM) formed a joint venture with Gold Horizon SAC to supply funding to construct the Yuramayo Mill located located outside the city of Arequipa, Peru and ideally near to the rich gold mining towns of Cusco, Juliaca and Puno.  The 50-ton per day carbon in pulp mill, services the many regional small-scale miners who are consistently producing ore varying from 0.5 to 2 ounces per ton.  Processing cost vary between 15+- 20% gross profit operating margin.   The combination of modern automated quality equipment with top qualified and experienced metallurgical engineers ensures us a competitive and profitable business and makes us a natural choice for the miners to use our services.

With recovery rates near or above 90% and the planned installations of new flotation/gravimetric circuits to complement our cyanide circuits the Yuramayo mill will have the ability to process not only gold but also copper and silver ores as well.  Other benefits include little to no cyanide tailings, less pollution, and lowering operating cost.  

In the future GHM intends to ramp up ore production to as much 300 tons per day, which would produce an estimated 80,000 ounces of Gold annually.  Assuming a gold price of $1200 per ounce forecast net profits would be approximately 11 million USD annually before tax.   Logistics and infrastructure are simplified because of the short distance to our mine, 20 kilometers, and 5 kilometers of the Pan American Highway and 2 kilometers from the electrical grid thereby.  



Scroll through photos below to view plans and construction progress;