Press Release: GHM Breaks Ground on New Processing Plant

(FSE: GKW) (“Gold Horizons Mining Co. Ltd.” or the “Company”) is pleased to report our senior joint venture partner Atlantis Gold SAC has contracted with a local contractor the necessary heavy equipment needed to develop both the road leading into the processing plant as well as the actual site itself. Starting Tuesday, November 13th, we expect a D-7 Cat will begin constructing a new road approximately 2.6 miles in length leading directly up to the processing plant. This new road travels along a relatively flat sandy surface and is expected to take no more than 3 days to complete. No large boulders or steep mountains confront us thereby making this road construction simple and straightforward. This is the first step in preparing the processing plant for the cement contractors.

The next step will be the arrival of a 950 Cat front loader. This machine will cut into the side of the valley making the necessary elevations for each component of the processing plant, i.e. ore bins, conveyors, crushers, mills as well as the various tank installations. The design is a step down layout, (please see the attached architectural drawing). The front loader is expected to spend approximately 40 to 50 hours preparing the site for the cement slabs to be laid in position. CEO and President, Scott Francis, comments: “the Company is pleased to be physically breaking ground this week. We have an ambitious schedule and are targeting full completion of the processing plant infrastructure as well as installation of all the equipment within a 60 to 90 day time frame.”

 Upon completion of the first circuit the plant will begin processing up to 50 tons of mineral      per day. With the continued support of our investors the Company will continue to purchase  the necessary equipment in order to ramp up daily gold production to match the processing plant’s full capacity. Working the mine and processing plant 26 days per month with an expected 6 g/ton of gold the mine will produce approximately 7 kilos of gold per month. Over the next 24 months the Company plans to double or triple this production figure.