Gold Horizons focuses on infrastructure projects and moving closer to completing the IGAC formalisation process

The past several months Gold Horizons Mining has been working on improving the plant infrastructure, preparing engineering studies, soliciting bids from a dozen different construction companies and equipment fabricators in order to begin two infrastructure projects. 

                          1. The construction of a new tailings pond 

                          2. The fabrication and installation of the a new crushing circuit that will provide 150 tons per day of material to be crushed, up from our 40 ton per day capacity. 

Before we could source the construction company to build the tailing pond we first had to complete a several hundred-page engineering study that included surveying soil samples and detailed study of the site.

The new tailings pond study is the last major task needed to be achieved in order to complete the IGAC environmental permitting process. Click here to see surveying photos. 

Speaking of the legal/permitting process we received the approval for our water permits earlier this year, which was one of our major milestones. Water and tailings are two of the biggest issues that need to be addressed in order to be approved by the environmental agencies, the Arma and Ana, that regulates, manage and issue the permits to operate. 

Access Road to Plant Improved

The past few months we contracted a construction company to build a proper dirt road from the Pan American Highway to our plant, approximately 6 kilometers. After 6 weeks of heavy equipment hard at work I’m pleased to say the new road is a BIG improvement in access to the plant cutting the time by a factor of 3. What used to take 30 minutes to travel our old road now take 10 minutes as well as cutting down on maintence cost and improving our first impressions when visiting the Yuramayo Mill for the first time.

Photo Gallery of Road Construction

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New prefabricated buildings- kitchen, dormitories and bathrooms

were also delivered to the plant. They included solar P.V panels and batteries were installed along with hi speed Internet for the employees. Click to see photos of Prefab units.


Conical Crusher Circuit

Example of dual conical crushing circuit

I spent over 6 weeks interviewing companies to build the crushing circuit as well as to provide a long term relationship to continue to provide engineering and consulting services whcih GHM will need as the plant grows in capacity and sophistication. I have flown numerous engineers into the plant on several different occasions in order to design and give a cost estimate of the crushing circuit. After carful consideration I flew to Lima and met with Bruce from Xinhai to review and sign their contract/proposal and I am looking forwarding in the new year to move foward with Xinhai upon meeting the funding requirements.  Click here to see learn about Xinhai and see their video.  Bruce and Scott.   

It is very difficult to find motivated, experienced, knowledgable, affordable and successful engineers here in Peru. As you will see, this company provides much more than just the equipment! I have been missing this type of service and moving forward I can expect controlled cost and reliable and knowledgeable and most important motivated company! Moving forward into the future working this firm I could build the plant faster more affordable and with no surprises operational and mechanically speaking. Even more the company is focused on profit and efficiency. They are not only technical engineers but also include all the financial cost analysis in running and building a plant and operating mines. 


Gold Horizons has been working steadily to advance the project forward. Of course the company operations could be stronger, however as several other plants this past month that were public listed companies in Canada were purchased by another Canadian company. The cost the time the challenges to start a plant proved too much for some TSX listed mining companies. Gold Horizons has no debt compared with these other companies putting us in a positive situation and opportunity to be one of the new mill tolling companies who managed to comply with the new government regulations and crack down on informal miners.