Gold Horizons Mining Co. Ltd. is focused on acquiring mineral resource projects that have above average potential for the near term revenue generation without undertaking major exploration and mining risk.

We, Gold Horizons Mining Co. Ltd., are a mineral resource investment company with offices located in Arequipa , Peru since 2011. We are committed to building long-term shareholder value through strategic opportunity and identification in the mineral resource sector.  We specialize in small mine and ore processing facilities or toll milling. We, in partnership with our Peruvian joint venture partner, locate, develop, and operate near production ready mineral projects in Southern, Peru.

Toll Milling

With the Peruvian government's active push to "formalize" thousands of artsinal miners herein exists a prime opportunity to provide a most necessary service in the processing of mineral which includes ore and tailings. The mineral processing or toll milling industry has seen seen a number of companies enter the market over the last few years. Our position with the Yuromayo processing facility is ideally located and considerably advanced in comparison to much of the competition.
There have been more than 15,000 small and medium sized miners recently register with the governments "amnesty" formalization process and the majority of these miners have no genuine means of processing their mineral locally.
It has even been documented that some miners had recently been using makeshift, highly dangerous, mercury processing onsite. It is our intention to not only educate but help the artisanal mining communities to implement safer processing practices.


Exploration Projects

We invest in mining projects through our Peruvian management and contacts, which boasts three generations of mining experience.  Our management’s grass roots network connects us to these communities. The concession owners are typically artisan miners who are local individuals that claimed these concessions for a variety of reasons.  Some projects belong to the owners them selves who discovered and claimed the concession and were unable to raise the funds to develop the mine or the price of mineral was too low for them to make a profit at the time.  Others projects have may have once belonged to large companies, including the government, which had abandoned them for various reasons such as low metal prices or social, governmental, environmental, legal, and security problems, which are non-existent now.  These projects are generally small, privately owned, in a late stage of development, and are risk controlled. We are able to purchase these concessions as a Peruvian company on favorable terms with a minimal investment down thereby allowing us time to explore and confirm the resource and any other issues that could prevent the project from moving forward.